i love being alive

Omg same! This is the way, except the extra sour cream what kind of psycho are you. Just do what the fuck you want responsibly, tell people what you are going to do, sometimes they will think you are joking, but at least you told them. Like I say if I see that idiot again I’m going to tie him up and then suck his soul out, am I joking, who knows? At the very least though everyone has been warned! I don’t feel bad for doing what every one else is doing, but believe they hide it better because no one would suspect they are a secret hoe. I’m loyal to no one but myself for the foreseeable future until someone proves themselves worthy of me making a fool out of myself again. I’ll even let you watch me be a terrible person then we can exist in awkwardness because you can’t admit you’re all a bunch of cunts and creepers. That’s a coin you can take straight to the bank. Who wants to participate in a little nasty nasty?

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