Some Mathhammer-Inspired Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Story time, without getting too detailed and self-indulgent, I worked in a company that did data analytics for sports teams for a few years. And as you can imagine, many of the people we interacted with had no mathematical background but were very gifted in their sports field with years of experience, making way more money at their jobs than I did at mine.

And one of the things we struggled with was we could show the results of a study with thousands of data points over many years proving something, and we would get completely rejected because someone would say, "That's not true, I remember when I was playing in the championship game I saw someone hit a big shot so I know players just like him are the way to win championships" and then everyone would nod their heads. And I used to get frustrated but I realized over time that meant it was our fault for not presenting the data in a more intuitive sense and they were doing nothing wrong.

I appreciate the comment because it means I could have written things more clearly and that feedback is helpful

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