For those of you who have dealt with the loss of someone close or have gone through the process of grief, how was the experience for you in terms of feeling and expressing the different emotions and going through the different “stages”?

I have had not so close relatives pass and there have been no tears. The thing I feel at that point is guilt, for not being sad. When someone very close passed, it was completely different. When I was told it took about 10 minutes before I broke down and cried. That lasted about 20 minutes, then nothing. Cold, numb and just empty. That lasted for a long time. There were intermittent bouts of crying in it. I mostly isolated myself, my wife was ok, but crowds of more than about 5 I couldn't do. The funeral, everyone else was crying and I was cold and blank. Everyone went over to the deceased's family's house and I didn't. The cold and empty feeling lasted for months. I was getting physical symptoms of emotion, but I couldn't actually feel the emotion. It brought on depression and anxiety. I started smoking again, drinking more. Work was barely acceptable, and life just looked terrible. Eventually I moved on, but the PTSD I was diagnosed with remained. It's now been 5 years and it still hurts. It never gets better, but it does get further away.

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