Someone once cried doing my reading when I was a kid. Do things ever get better?

As one human to another I want to say it's excellent to hear that you've managed to overcome so much difficulty to find yourself and become independently you. As "an astrologer" I want to say, damn, sounds like it lines up. Based on the little bit that had been shared these were the most rudimentary conjectures aiming to associate the planetary and zodiacal themes to the houses where each are. I only use or advocate what people started calling "traditional" planetary associations (which means authentic lol) after the religious-y modern astrology ideas started taking off a few decades ago. It's this whole thing, but it doesn't matter because by using the intended planets, modifying them through the original signs, and then walking through the related logically sound whole sign house system really quickly it seems like we indeed hit on the palpable and experiential themes/phases of your life so far, accurately enough. We didn't consider aspects, sect, or anything.

It's funny because referencing Pisces I said grandparents and referencing Jupiter I said uncles[aunts implied]/cousins. You mentioned great-aunt which combines the two concepts. Beneficence was then mentioned and we all want to hear about that coming through Jupiter's activity. Good.

Oh yeah, and Mars rules surgery specifically through Scorpio (as opposed to Aries). Mars rules things like cutting, penetrating, bleeding, concussing, excising, cauterizing, and that kind of stuff whether for good or ill. Scorpio relates to probing into, underlying power dynamics, harnessing focus and purpose, and subtle manipulation as well as internal processes like digestion or the deconstruction of a thing in terms of harnessing its use. The second house describes the things of value that we earn or naturally own, like money, preparedness, or confidence. So, to put Scorpio as the sign of precision and of the surgeon in your 2nd house of earned and self-motivated resources/money and then put Mars opposite in the 8th house of other people's money/shared resources ... it's cool that becoming a surgeon was somehow your way to level up and bring your own resources. By offering to take control over other people's internal functions in order to manipulate, cut, repair, and cauterize the very stuff their vitality depends on, the money they literally would throw at you in exchange for their lives becomes your earnings. Lots of people have those placements who aren't surgeons so we're not trying to say it has to be like that due to the rather general placements, but somehow relative to the saga of your particular life, this relationship to masculinity (Mars), intimate relationships (Aries), and your sense of values of self-reliance (Scorpio), we do see those general themes playing out and building to that focus. Cool.

And now that your Saturn return has passed, your brain has finished developing and settled into itself, and you've gone through many productive stages of actualization and growth, things may calm down overall significantly. Saturn is actually starting to leave your Venus right now. It approached for quite some time and has been sitting right there for a couple of weeks. After this it looks like there could "a breather" for over two years while themes of your personal creativity and even sexuality, and possibly children stew or stir and draw in some kind of focus. Some kind of potential to explore what inspires you to give off that fun kind of creative joy we all love finding when we do.

Forget about that astrologer's reading, and the holy water (Pisces! Hah). Astro is way cooler and useful than how she offered it.

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