[spoiler] reacts to winning Hermes Cup on stream - Twitch

This post contains spoilers for both the final boss and the winner of the fourth Hermes Cup!

This race was insane. duunk0 and Ananke1 were racing in an all-weapons run, where they had to do 6 runs in a row (one of each weapon) as quickly as possible.

The first run (Achilles spear) started with duunk0 getting a decent lead. Ananke pulled several minutes ahead on Demeter fists thanks to getting Merciful End, with duunk never seeing it. But duunk's Eris went great (rocket bomb to start, then cluster rockets later), picking up time; on Chaos shield he got charged shot; and by the end of Poseidon sword he had nearly caught up.

They entered the last (Hera bow) Fury fight neck and neck; ultimately, duunk's Crush Shot build outdamaged Ananke's Phalanx Shot one. After being several minutes behind early on, this video captures duunko's reaction to seeing that he had won after all.

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