If you are struggling to beat the game, you need *FUNDAMENTALS*, not weapon builds or tactics.

Great post but I’ve got some gripes.

while all these factors can help, they’re not really high percentage improvements to any given run.

1) Mirror upgrades absolutely make a substantial difference. That’s your main source of DD’s. That’s is a sustainable, critical difference.

2) “when boss does x, do y” is absolutely sustainable and useful. You’re talking about fundamentals, but you’re dropping one of the most fundamental things: knowing your enemy. It’s a lot easier to be the boss when you know their move set and some of the tricks then if you don’t. And you need those skills literally every single run lol

I get what you were trying to say, and you are right. But I think the mistake you were making is saying your advice is mutually exclusive with the items you listed, which it isn’t.

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