[Spoilers All] To the Seramancers: what kind of Inquisitor were you?

My Sera Inq (Gaia) is an elf from the Alienage. Her mother was a slave who became pregnant by her master. She was quickly sent to the Alienage, alone, young and pregnant. She died a few days after having Gaia. She hemorrhaged during labor and died from blood loss, on the street with a babe at her breast. Gaia was essentially raised communally so she grew up fast and tough. She hated the nobility for what happened to her mother and for the injustices the Elves endured. If she had known of the Red Jenny's, she would have joined in a heartbeat. The connection with Sera is obvious on that front. She quickly respected and appreciated Sera for standing up to injustice and abuse of power yet after becoming Inq. Gaia was trying to distance herself from the person she was. She felt like she needed to grow up, 'play ball' so to speak. She wanted to let go of the rage she'd had inside her for so long. At first she kept Sera at arms length. She thought Sera would only stoke that fire of rage inside of her. As time passed and she spent more time with Sera she realized that Sera had the opposite effect on her. She enjoyed Sera's playful side and she admired how Sera did things to fight back without letting anger be her guide. Sera kept her grounded. She never treated her as Inq. She treated her as she would any friend. Gaia came to trust Sera as a confidante. She knew that Sera would always be honest with her, she wouldn't mince words and would tell her exactly what she thought.
Gaia never thought she'd fall in love with a woman. It was just something she'd never really considered and she learned that it didn't matter. You love who you love.
Gaia can be Inq but she can also be that orphaned elf, raised on the streets, who was once consumed with rage but now is consumed with love for one who let's her be who she is and who damn well makes sure she doesn't forget it.

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