dragon age absolution is worth it? [spoilers all]

>! OK, so, as you say, after all the reveals, we can go back and assume he knows she's got other plans for the circulum.

But why does he say, "I almost wish you hadn't been able to - bypass the wards?" " traitor or not, he still wants the thing.

Why does he do it at all, not just ditch the group on the way out like the sneaky rogue he is? Or just confront her in front of the rest of the team?

Also when does he find out? Does fairbanks recruit hira knowing she was a traitor to use her connection to miriam, as its originally pitched as a mission for the remains of the inquisition. Or does hira recruit fairbanks to plan the job and he figures out she's working for the red templars at a later date?

Does he know about hira working with Rez? If so how much of it? Specifically does he know the plan is to sell miriam?

I've gone down a rabbit hole just thinking about it... !<

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