[Spoilers All][OC] Time To Be Storytellers: The Dragon Age Weekly Writing Prompts

Prompt 2 ([__] <— is what Fergus crossed out)

Lissy (no I will not stop addressing my letters to you as such),

Alistair is [simple-minded, just like dad], sweet I’ll give him that. Not sure how at ease I am that while I was passed out in a chasind hut he was traipsing around with my sister, but in truth I see no faults in him. Obvious ones at least.

I went to meet him as the new Teyrn of Highever for the first time to measure up what kind of man finally snagged my sister up in a marriage (told you so you’d marry one day, you owe me 4 coppers), and to my surprise he bowed to me. I’m not sure whether he was aware kings aren’t really supposed to bow to their subjects during court, but the man almost kissed my feet. If that’s his way of getting on my good side, well, it’s working.

We talked about Mother and Father. He asked what they were like. I’m not sure how much you told him of what happened that night, but he seemed happy to hear what kind of family we [were] are. He then tripped on the carpet and spilled hit entire goblet of wine on Bann Wulff.

I’ve decided he really is worthy of my little sister.

Try not to get stabbed, Your loving and trifling brother, Fergus

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