(Spoilers) Ending E and "data"

Potentially giant and crazy spoilers for Nier. [Without going into too much detail, by the time Devolas and Popolas launch the human server, there is nothing originally human left. So probably not.

There is a magic disease apocalypse. People start turning into salt, and monsters, it's bad.

Humans have all been split into shadowy soul things called gestalts, and, somehow based on the gestalt, a soulless body called a replicant. If the gestalt disconnects from the system, it's fake body sort of loses it's cohesion and gets a terminal illness called the black scrawl. If the system has a problem with a replicant body, the gestalt typically goes crazy and disconnects.

The replicants can't get infected by the magical disease, so everyone just kind of hopes to wait it out, and then recombine all the gestalts and replicants. The replicants start developing their own consciousness and the gestalts are going nuts all over the place. It isn't a great plan.

In Nier, the gestalts basically depend on the final boss guy to stay sane and stable. You kill that guy in every route. He did call himself "The Shadowlord" so he sort of has it coming.

So all Devola and Popola have to put on the moon server is probably DNA which was being magically degraded. If they built a 'human' from it, they'd likely end up with a replicant with a terminal case of black scrawl.](/spoiler)

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