Star Girl Coming This March 13 to Disney +

Yeah, it will be on both HBO Max and DC Universe. But tie that with Star Girl going to both DCU and CW, and Swamp Thing getting canceled and no new show announcements and they’ve significantly devalued the service!

I know many people want the comics on there, but most of those are on ComiXology Unlimited now too!

Other than the name (should have called it WB Max, or something else to reduce confusion over HBO branding. But at least it’s not called “peacock”!), HBO Max looks good. They either needed to double down on their DC Universe service, or just completely roll it in to HBO Max!

But AT&T/WB is so wishy-washy about everything. It’s why they have 3 or 4 cable streaming services now. And why they haven’t said that HBO Now is turning into HBO Max (no... it’s just the same price as HBO Max... and HBO Max has all the content from HBO Now... and you get a free HBO Max subscription with it... but totally different services)!

Geez... I said don’t get me started! lol (I think I did that on my own)

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