Starting a Farm to Offset your Gains

I have extensive experience farming. 10/10 do not recommend. Instead, here’s a story time:

My parents became empty-nesters years ago. They moved to Florida on a nice parcel of land kind just outside a large city. A lot of their neighbors had just a handful of cows. “Man, people really love their cows out here - seems like a big hassle to have just a couple cows without any chance at profit.

Come to find out: you only need a handful of cows to be considered a farm and these people are reaping a windfall in tax savings. Check your state and local codes to see what the minimum requirement is but last time I checked, if you pull in at least $1,000 in revenue in a year, the USDA will consider you a farm.

“But I don’t know shit about farming”.

Don’t worry; some poor sap would love to manage that shit for you as part of his operation because he just loves being a serf. I used to be one of those serfs. Fuck that life.

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