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2016: The Year Conservatism Truly Lived

The Trump Show has engulfed the planet in a haze of uncertainty and mistrust but where do we go from here? Why does Trump have such seemingly endless opportunities to embarass both himself, his people, and our planet as a whole? Who supports him and why? There has to be an end to this phenomenon, or maybe this is how our world is supposed to be.

In the American conservative ideology bubble of thought, there is nobody more relevant and outspoken than Ben Shapiro. He grew up in a wealthy family in Los Angeles and had a talent for violin at a young age. Clearly a creative and hard working individual, his talent for the arts brought him to showcase his musical performance skills at the Israel Bonds Banquet (1996) at only 12 years of age. Only four years later he would enter the University of California and graduate with a degree in policial science and entered Harvard Law School at the age of 20, and practiced law at Goodwin Procter and then his own legal consultancy firm, Benjamin Shapiro Legal Consulting.

So how did he become one of the top intellectual titans for American conservatives? The answer lies in his earlier life, the violin. Ben has a taste for the dramatic and now uses his voice as an instrument. The goal is not to inform or to seek the truth but to argue and entertain the audience. Ben is famous for using the Gish Gallop method of debate and doesn't seem to stick to any one topic for any period of time, he keeps stringing his voice and makes whining sounds for the audience.

One of Ben's most famous debates is when discussing climate science. Now this is a difficult topic for even the world's top scientists, so let's see how Ben Shapiro can explain such a nuanced topic;

Let's say for the sake of argument that all of the water levels around the world rise by, let's say, five feet over the next 100 years. Say 10 feet over the next 100 years. And it puts all of the low-lying areas on the coast underwater. Let's say all of that happens.

You think people aren't just going to sell their homes and move?

On the surface, this makes sense. Just move elsewhere! It's easy no problem. But is it? Who is going to buy underwater houses? That does not make any sense. Ben is also glossing over the amount of land that is underwater with just a five foot level rise in seawater. The world is a massive place with a lot of coastline where we, as people, like to make our homes and our cities and build our lives. This is devastating to all of us.

What is more devastating is the lack of incredulity that Mr. Shapiro shows on a topic he seems to be very comfortable preaching about. Is this what makes a conservative intellectual titan?

nd his close associates but his supporters both local and worldwide. Who are these people? Why do they continue to show a shameless support for Donald and where do we go from here?

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