Reporter asks Trump supporter: “What is something that you believe the president has done well”. His answer:

I think he's done a great job at indirectly and completely unintentionally showing what a shitshow circus act a majority of the world media empires and it's employees are. I'm pretty positive it started from the second he made it clear during his campaign he wasn't interested in the media, playing any of their games and wasn't at any point going to give them the sound bites and interviews they all wanted - most of them dropped any integrity they may have had and aggressively went all in on the offensive against him because how dare he not play their game.

The only outcome possible from him doing that was that every story from the big MSM outlets were going to be negative. You just need to spend the day on reddit to see how well it's worked too - facts don't matter if his name appears anywhere because anything that may paint him in any other light other than negative (whether correct or not) are in the graveyard at the bottom of the comments, removed, shouted down and botted with the usual talking points that people blindly just upvote. "Orange man bad" became the joke for a reason. Their own supporters sub is quarantined by one of the biggest social media sites around today just in case someone might see a headline that shows him in any sort of positive light.

Don't for a second get me wrong - the guy is an awful human being along with a lot of his supporters and having him in power is dangerous for all of us but the media are also swapping journalism for revenge and playing you all at the same time and that's also dangerous. I'm not sure if he's got some mental issues going on or if his rambling and nonsense comments we hear from him daily are his way of muddying the water so they never actually get any truth out of him because he knows it doesn't even matter because they will go against everything he says anyway.

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