[Steam] Holiday Sale - Day 6

I just finished Darksiders 2 this morning. It's a great game!


The dungeon puzzles reminded me of Zelda. Plus it's got a whole blend of other fun stuff. Climbing mechanics, running on walls, looting for weapons, upgrading, various skills/super powers, fighting is like some mix of batman & god of war. Immediately summon an undead horse to ride if you don't feel like running across the map (fast travel is possible too).

Exploration doesn't go unrewarded! I spent a lot of time visually combing over every area to see if there was a collectible to grab. There are more than a few different kinds plentifully scattered all over. If you get the feeling like the level design might be hiding something from you, chances are you're right, and if you investigate you will probably get rewarded for your effort.

The puzzles feel like that too. When you have this intuitive sense for how something should be solvable, using pieces/elements of what's contained in the room, well you're intuition is rewarded! You are encouraged to think creatively. It reminded me of when I used to play games and I would think to myself "Man, if this were real life, I'd just take object X and use it over there, but since it's a game I have to figure out what they want me to do". The opposite seemed true in darksiders 2.

There are some really epic boss fights! A couple are huge, like shadow of the colussus, others are challenging at a smaller scale.

The art style is wonderful! A consistent aesthetic throughout - and there are a few different worlds that are pretty huge with their own visual themes/moods. Cool character design. Decent voice acting.


It seemed that by the time I had the build strategy for my character figured out, and I got the right weapons, I was pretty much unstoppable. I ripped through the last bosses with ease. I maximized my critical stats, so the crit chance and crit damage were as high as I could make them. And used the skill tree to complement this. It's hard to not take advantage of what the game gives you. But most of my time was spent solving problems/exploring so this didn't bother me too much.

Some of the animations were cheesy/repetitive. I had one reoccurring issue with the camera during elevator rides, but nothings happening then anyway.

A lot of people have issue with the games VSync and Anti-Aliasing. As far as I know the PC port was just bad in this regard. I installed NVidia Inspector and solved both of these issues with it. Before fixing VSync it felt unplayable to me at least. As far as the anti-aliasing - it looked kind of poor before using Inspector to override the AA settings. Highly recommend you do a little tinkering before you play through.

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