End result of a feminist video games industry?

What, to your mind, is the end goal of anti-GamerGate, and how do we get there?

This is so hard to tell. Both "camps" are so muddled that any good ideas or opinions on either side get lost in a sea of doxxing, threats, and name-calling. This happens on both the pro and anti sides, and those are the voices that get picked up and discussed instead of anyone with a decent, meaningful idea.

In an ideal anti-GG outcome, is GTA V banned across the globe?

Maybe? But again, you are ascribing a singular viewpoint to a group that has many people with many ideas and agendas. Banning anything based on content is an uneasy path to take, and can lead to grave consequences for society. A better model is the "vote with your wallet" model - surely, GTA would still have done just fine, but it's important for developers and publishers to understand that there are parts of the market that don't like what they do, and if they care or want to capture those players, they have to make some changes.

Secondly, could anybody explain to me what happens to pro-GG and unaware-yet-likeminded consumers in the wake of a more feminist games industry?

Again, this is taking a super narrow view of what "pro-GG" is. Some are creepy basement dwelling hate machines, others just want more ethics in game journalism. To believe that either are the entirety of the group completely negates the other part. The hateful and hurtful on both sides are doing nothing to further the actual goals of ethics in journalism, nor bringing more equality to video games. Instead, these voices come to represent "the other side" in these arguments, and no one can agree on anything or make any progress.

With a lack of violent or misogynistic games, do abusive / homophobic / sexist players disappear?

No. These players weren't created by the games they play. This is rooted in societal issues which should be addressed at home, in school, and in general socialization. Odds are if they act this way online, they most likely have tendencies that you don't want to have coming out at your next dinner party.

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