Streets run with fire and blood! Tell me of your world's revolutions!

The late Duchy of Brylon was extremely corrupt and mismanaged. Eventually, a textile factory in the neighborhood of Ppala went of strike, took the owners of the factory hostage, and barricaded themselves in. They lowered a makeshift Erde flag from the window, hoping that it would inspire the rest of the city of revolt as well. This didn't happen, and the Royal Guard stormed the factory. In the following fight, 24 factory workers, 17 Royal Guard members, and the 4 hostages were killed.

Shesal Khanik, a republican leader, declared the Democratic Republic of Brylon the next day and ordered a general strike throughout the country to shut down the Duchy. Republican forces managed to seize most of the country over the next few hours, although the Royal Army retook much of it the next day. The two sides fought a stalemate for the next few months, until the Duke wanted to surrender and flee the island. The nobility staged a coup against the Duke, illegally dissolved the parliament, and gave a paramilitary called the Silver Guard freedom to do anything necessary to defeat the Republic. This plan backfired, and the Duchy lost almost all of its remaining support. It collapsed a week later and royalists who escaped fled to the allied country of Wendel.

Before the Brylon Revolution, Brylon and Wendel had held jointly controlled colonies throughout the Lyuwi Islands. When the Republic of Brylon withdrew from the islands, Wendel was no longer able to hold all of its territory and the Lyuwi Republic was formed in some of the more remote colonies. Brylon began sending arms and aid to the Lyuwi Republic, and it quickly began gaining territory. Within months, almost all of Wendel's colonies had been liberated by the Republic. Under the pretense of stopping the Lyuwi Republic, Basac invaded Wendel's remaining colonies and joined the fight against the Lyuwi. At this point, Basac's enemy Kanat, which was also a colonial power, began secretly giving aid to the Lyuwi Republic in hopes of destabilizing Basac, because Kanat believed that it could hold its colonies against the Lyuwi.

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