This subreddit needs more memes!

You act like I’m fighting all 82 bots. I just had a game with 48 humans.

Not understanding the point.

That wasn’t the question. I was asked about feeling. I’m still having fun. The final circle is still intense cause it’s almost always humans.

Do by that logic, 60-80% of the game is pointless because you’re almost certainly going to survive against bots and make it to the final circle most games to then compete against actual humans that makes it “intense”?

I don’t lack understanding on anything. I gave you my opinion. I don’t care about bots. It’s whatever. I’m still having fun. You’re just being a prick about it.

You clearly do. Your logic is terribly flawed and there’s a reason your opinion isn’t shared by most people if not nearly everyone.

Final circle is still just as intense.

Again, so what about the buildup to the final circle which takes up most of a game? I bet you’ve made it to the final circle almost every game you’ve played that’s contained a majority of bots.

Nah. Your misusing downvoting me cause you’re children upset that someone doesn’t feel the same way.

Again, you’re not getting it. The voting system implies whether people agree or disagree with you. The reason you’re being downvoted so badly is because no one agrees with you. You most likely like bots because you’re finding it easier to compete. It’s flawed logic, similar to how people who cheat think they’re good when really the computer is playing on their behalf.

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