SUNA - Sometime [Chill/Electro] (2015)

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Citing folk and electronic music creating Suna its own Nordic sound. With Danish texts and almost cinematic construction of the tracks the band has formed a unique fusion between the wild gypsy celebration and Scandinavian melancholy in a highly engaging hybrid. Now they follow up on their success-filled debut album from last year with the group's second album, wicked beautiful and explosive "Quiet Storm".

In a heavy grooving foundation with a special Nordic games, in-building may seem entirely electronically - without it - Suna mixing a raw and riveting cocktail of folk music, balstyrisk Balkan atmosphere and dark Scandinavian moods. A seductive and totally unique nature driven by particular accordion, saxophone, didgeridoo and the amazing alluring and powerful vocals from front woman Malene Ingemann Madsen, who as a Nordic maelstrom sucks the listener into the band's special musical universe. The music ranges from elegant and wild temper-filled sliding tours with clear Eastern recognizes high-tempo to slow atmospheric passages that draws a clear toll on the Scandinavian song tradition of strong and beautiful melancholy.

With reference to the example Savage Rose, The City and Valravn have the Danish-singing ensemble found a unique and original sound that has been showered with praise in the country's folk music magazines and many have predicted international potential with their special sound and captivating live shows . The group plays deliberately on the grandiose, and emotional and the album can with his cinematic structure perceived as eight small soundtracks.

Suna has over the past five years not only marked with success on album release front, where their first response came in 2007. Also on the live front, the very active band marked in the whole country with their infectious energy and quite energy-filled performances. Read more on 731 listeners, 4,455 plays
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