What was the craziest thing you've witnessed happen at a party?

A friend got me invited to an office party hosted by a fairly large company selling fishing equipment a few years ago. He had worked there for a few weeks during the summer and knew the guys pretty well. Having not been to many parties before I expected nothing special, I wasn't even sure I was gonna drink (I was 16 at the time and by far the youngest along with my 17-year-old friend).

The party was held in the store which was located in one of the bigger malls in Gothenburg, Sweden. Upon arrival we were welcomed by two extremely lightly dressed women in their 30's who were clearly surprised seeing us there (obviously underage). The employees had put all the shelves with rods and fishing bait alongside the walls, leaving a fairly large dance floor in the middle of the room. We were offered drinks and after one or two "yolo-let's-do-it-looks" we too started drinking. Things were going well when some random bald guy with tatoos spoke up telling everyone to look as he attempted to pierce his arm with one of the biggest fishing hooks I've ever seen. As he began doing his thing pushing the hook deep in his skin people gathered around him, some cheering and some kind of freaking out. As the tip of the hook stared to push out on the other side of the chunk of skin between the two fingers holding it (his friend gave him a hand), he started to chicken out, telling the friend to let loose so he could get it out. Before doing so the two women interrupted, offering a bet where if he did it, they both would stip for everyone at the party. The challenge was accepted and completed without any hesitation. So there we were, 16-year-old me and my friend, at a mall, pretty drunk, watching live boobs for the first time. I remember feeling like I had been in a movie, and I still kind of do.

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