SWTOR Q&A: The Questions

If you are a dev, you are remarkably unforgiving and unappreciative of the hardworking SWTOR dev team.

Wow, this is hilarious.

Let's say you go in and buy a Big Mac from McDonalds with a bunch of friends from work. You go outside and open the package, ready to scoff it down and instead you find a McChicken Sandwich. You think "oh well" and go and queue again to get it changed. Now say this happens every single time you go there; you don't want to stop going to McDonalds because it's more of social thing but you've got concerns about how they keep giving you the wrong food and you get frustrated at it.

Is this not appreciating the hard working McDonalds staff? Or is it pointing out that they keep messing something up.

People like you wreck the games industry, they really do. Companies know that you exist and they are able to actively exploit consumers because you'll constantly get on social media and the like and act as an apologist for their terrible practices. The SWTOR developers are providing a service and we are customers to that service. They are not magical elves who need protection from a big, bad wolf.

Secondly, you have no idea if the SWTOR devs are hard working or not. They could be sat around shooting Nerf guns at each other all day for what you know. You want to think that they are hard working because you enjoy a computer game - this doesn't make it true.

Not appreciating, that's genuinely funny.

I doubt it was a lack of testing

I'm a Software Engineer who has worked on shipped MMO titles and worked in the games industry for several years. My particular expertise in my discipline is software cost/effort estimation. I think this points to a lack of proper testing of the release build. What is your experience and expertise in this area?

It was fixed for the actual launch, wasn't it?

No it wasn't. The Early Access periods ARE the release builds. They are advertised and marketed to the end-user as such, they are NOT an open beta period before release. You're suggesting here that Bioware is lying to its userbase about what the Early Access period is designed to be - I don't think they are, I just think their testing strategy has consistently shown itself to be poor.

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