Cleaning with ADHD is fun.

Well that is weird. I do this. It is like compartimentalised cleaning. Like you have a playlist of things that need to be cleaned. (Because your house is staring to get messy with half finished projects.) And you just have the list on shuffle, instead of album by album. So the cleaning is totally chaotic and sporadic. If you are in the mood though, you will get it done completely hyperfocussed in a weird totally not planned amount of time. Usually when you actually need that time to do something else that is more important.

The strange thing for me at this moment is that I've been on ritalin now for 2 months, and it is strange. I feel my brain work differently in some way. But on the other hand, I've always been so good with compensating for my add with intelligence that I sometimes feel like I am kidding myself that I manage to do stuff now. Even though it is not at the tempo and regularity I want. I am so set in my ways of compensating for all the crazyness going on in my brain, that I wonder now if I am kidding myself with that it is going alright now.

What the hell if I don't manage this in the long run?

I kind of miss the days that I used to self medicate for chaos in my brain with a line or two of speed. Keep awake a night, do everything you should have done the last 3 months before that. And fix everything with the speed of light. It's crazy. It was a nice way to function. Cleaning in a night, and cooking all left over vegetables to put the portioned in the freezer, and sorting all your books and comics in one night was amazing sometimes. Though after a year or so you become tired of it. Being an addict isn't attractive either. The chaos is still there. I wonder if I have compartimentalised it away for the moment. Or that this medication, 15 mg of ritalin every 4 hours, really does something.

Anyway, bit of an distracted rant. I'm sorry, OP's story just made me reflect on life as a new ADD person.

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