Talon gameplay

As a talon otp with a lot of accounts where i have m7 i think that talon is in a decent playable state in the current meta if play with the set up and build that lurkz77 uses ( notice i used the word playable, not good). The way lurkz plays the champion is really interesting, shifting his identity from an assassin that goes in a teamfight to kill a single target and hopefully survive to somebody that applies as many passive stacks as possible, focusing the adc, killing him, and with the cdr and invisibility from duskblade he goes on trying to clean up the rest of the team by procking the stacks he has previously applied. I watched several replays of his gameplay in challenger and even if i hated the idea of playing talon without electrocute + prawlers, i suggest you give a try to this play style since is very fun, and gives talon a new way to approach soloqueue. If u didnt know who lurks was, he is a challenger talon player sitting around 1100 lp, playing with phase rush, and buying ghostblade into duskblade every match. He usually approaches a teamfight by using q+auto+ult to proc phase rush and get behind the adc to then w+auto+q+auto him, or at least thats what i saw from most of his replays. I hope you give this set up a try since i had a lot of fun experimenting with it.

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