Talon is dead I go find other main gl hf loosing

I know, right? It's just unfair. Talon has the most unreliable damage in the game right now. All his abilities are so slow and hard to hit that you'll need to build full tank in order to stick around the enemy ADC for long enough to do your full combo in teamfights. And all this for what, for a jump? FOR A JUMP? There's no reason to pick Talon over any other assassin. He brings nothing useful to the table. Yes, I'm saying the jump is useless and it does not compensate enough for all the things that were taken away from his kit. I mean, how does his E make him better than a Rengar who can legitimately oneshot groups of squishies and escape with CC immunity + huge MS boost? Or a Zed who can outplay people so hard, poke from distance and yada yada, we all know what fucking Zed is. Or a LB who can make the enemy bot burn summoners while ganking top. ETC

Riot wanted Talon dead from a long time, and the rework was their shot. Why do you think they never cared about his bugs (R/W disappearing on death, AA/Q anim canceling too easy) or haven't released a good skin for a long time (except SSW, they didn't do it on their will)? Also, whenever they saw him being finally a bit strong, he got immediately nerfed. And when the meta shifted against him, the nerfs weren't reverted or anything.

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