Tear apart my cover letter, how can I improve on this???

Hey. Good advice about the affirmative words, that's true, you should sound confident but here's a little more advice for you if you're about to be submitting your resume/cover letter and searching for a job. Once you get your resume and cover letter done how you like it, you still have another problem. Almost all companies use these computer programs called applicant tracking software (ATS) to scan and read the resumes from applicants who are applying for a position. The ATS scans over your resume and cover letter looking for specific key words relevant to the position in which you are applying and if those keywords aren't included, the ATS will simply just discard your resume and an actual person won't even have the chance to read over it. The ATS only submits and passes the top resumes with those keywords included. Which was my problem. I had an excellent resume with strong work experience and education but I couldn't seem to get many interviews or callbacks and I couldn't understand why. Which is when I started doing some research and found out about ATS which was good information to have but didn't help me solve the problem, I still didn't know which keywords they were looking for. So I did some more research and I found this website www.jobscan.co which completely saved me. I got three interviews that following week after using their site. Plus it's really easy to use. All you do is simply copy the job description for the position that you're applying for, paste it onto the website and that's it, within seconds, jobscan will tell you which keywords you need to include on your resume or cover letter to help get you past the ATS. They will help you get your foot in the door to get the interview, the rest would be up to you. Check the site out, hopefully they can help you like they did for me. Good luck on the cover letter and the job search.

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