Tenth Vote results are in!

My first comment about 'personality' and 'business' was more of a reference to a scene from The Office (American Version). I guess it was more of a joke than an actual statement.

In regards to what I said about My Little Pony, I don't think you understood the point I was going for. Just because YOU don't really care about a certain topic doesn't mean a lot of other people still want it to be banned. Some people want to be proactive about Image Macros, but rules like the one voted in today only hinder them.

And the reason a lot of other subreddits "don't have an issue with MLP posts" is because their rules pretty much specifically prohibit MLP content, so there's no reason as to why it should be posted in the first place. Over on /r/Earthporn you don't see MLP landscapes being posted. Why? Not because the users hate MLP, but because MLP landscapes don't fall within the necessary guidelines (which basically surmount to posting landscapes of the planet Earth). So really you started arguing against a point I wasn't even trying to make.

I don't understand the argument "Reddit is already full of subs that cater to different interests." This is true: there are subs dedicated to cars, birds, specific videogames, and even hardcore German dungeon porn (probably). The flaw is in thinking that /r/EVEX will eventually become centered toward a single topic like one of the previous subreddits I mentioned. The point isn't determining WHAT content we eventually see; the point is seeing HOW we get to that certain brand of content. It's supposed to be about studying the process, not the end result. Besides, eventually we'll enact a process to start repealing rules, so even the "end result" will become part of the process.

Whereas rules like 'Arguments must be done in all caps' or 'Mods must make their jobs even more complicated by coming up with poems every month' aren't about the content. It's about people who want to dilute the original process of voting in content banning rules in favor of just making the experience more difficult for everyone else. It feels less like evolution and more like bureaucracy.

I have one last question: If you're worried about this sub becoming "boring" if we potentially ban memes and jokes, then why don't you just go back to /r/Funny and /r/AdviceAnimals ?

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