Texas man ordered to pay more than $67K in child support for girl who isn't his daughter: The Texas Family Code states that a negative paternity test only ends future child support obligations; it doesn't absolve the man of payments accrued before the test

You silly cherry picker.

I quoted the law. You quoted "something" that is not the actual law.

Did you not notice Extortion being grounds of claiming persecution???

Persecution only counts if it's on protected grounds. Search the documents I linked to yourself, they say it plainly:

The persecutor must be motivated to harm the applicant on account of a protected characteristic.

So no, not just any old extortion will do.

You will notice that the list of protected grounds actually states that "particular social group" has been left out.

It hasn't been left out. I don't know what you're talking about.

My point remains that a good lawyer could argue this situation warrants persecution based on gender

Gender is NOT one of the protected groups. Persecution of a 'particular social group' based on gender would imply that there are two distinct social groups, one of persecuted men, and the other of non-men doing the persecuting. And child support is generally not seen as a form of persecution. It's possible to pass off gender as a 'particular social group' in some cases, like if a woman's husband is beating her in a country where she is not allowed to get a divorce. But the greatest lawyer on the planet wouldn't be able to convince another government that targeting people for child support is a form of persecution.

What you have here is going to be seen as a fair law that was perhaps applied incompetently against an individual who didn't really deserve the judgement that he received. That's really your best-case scenario. Do you realize what kind of can of worms it would open up if every country on earth was questioning the judicial decisions and laws of every other country on earth? It will never happen.

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