And then they were gone..

The thing is…here’s what you said:

Maybe you haven’t heard of it (which is surprising), but I bet you don’t talk that way.Ex. Will you grab thee groceries?He grabbed thee knife!I also suspect you use it the other way too.Ex. Rather than - He put his feet on thuh ottoman. You prob say - He put his feet on thee ottoman.It’s meant to help word flow. If you speak like this, you were taught it at one point or another. Otherwise you would just say thuh all the time.

I’m just saying, I don’t think this is as ubiquitous as you think it is. Like I have never heard of it, and I do say “thuh” all the time, despite not only graduating high school but also having a four year degree.

If you say turn on the oven, saying thuh doesn’t sound right.

It’s how I say it. It sounds perfectly normal to me. If some said thee oven, I’d think they’re just trying to be funny and/or pretentious.

The podcast I was referring to, the guy says thee every single time. He went to thee door and turned thee knob. It’s quite annoying

I would absolutely find that annoying as hell. Lol

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