What makes you switch off a true crime podcast?

I’ve tried many true crime podcasts and couldn’t last 5 minutes. My peeves are the monotone/slow/boring voices, frat boy humor (I mean, I enjoy family guy humor but LPOTL is really hard for me to listen to, so I don’t), heavy speculation, banter (except for My Favorite Murder), when it seems like the host(s) try too hard to be journalists, etc.

I’m a fan of my favorite murder but I can’t stand the copy-cats. If it’s 2 or 3 girls taking turns telling murder stories with light banter in between, I’m not interested. But I love MFM. I search endlessly for new stuff in between MFM episodes and rarely find anything as good (for me).

I subscribe to S&S and True Crime Garage even though I sorta hate the hosts. If TGM didn’t have the captain and the heavy speculation, I’d enjoy it more.

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