Is there any reason for small accounts NOT to trade on margin (RH)?

Look, I'm with you. I'm debt free and I'm definitely not one to be careless with my bread. BUT

Ask yourself what you'll do if those SPACs sit for months without action.

this seems to be the worst case scenario, let's say I put $2K leveraged entirely on FUSE, the likelihood of FUSE staying under ~$11.25 for a entire year seems quite small, in which case my cost of doing this for the year is at worst, a couple hundred bucks or so? it seems like a relatively low risk decision that has a good chance of amplifying gains a bit. I also wouldn't look to take out more margin than I could truly afford, so if somehow things went completely south, I could come up with ~$3K if the shit really hit the fan. I also make every transaction possible on my credit card lol, as it pay it off on time each month in full, every time. It seems like a reasonable way to take out margin for the financially responsible.

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