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I just quit on the spot and am not going back

I just quit on the spot and am not going back

It’s been interesting to watch a public health emergency evolve from the workers perspective. My husband is in nursing and they have pretty much thrown out all good sense at this point. They went a full year and a half with NO CASES AT ALL inside the facility.

And then they backed down from the vaccine mandate out of fear of losing workers.

Then they decided to let an unvaccinated Covid positive employee to come in and as of this morning they have 60+ people sick and positive.

It’s a very high risk facility full of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, acute care for people post organ transplants and major surgery in general and a hospice wing.

They literally had zero cases, got recognition from the governor and nursing board and so naturally after the medical personnel worked 16 hour shifts with no days off, all vacations were cancelled and they were sleeping at the facility in between shifts since they were too tired to drive home safely, and they just throw it out the window.

They have to do a minimum of 2 tests a week and aren’t provided with those tests so they go spend hours waiting in line for a test. TO END UP NOT EVEN BEING ABLE TO GET THE TEST

It’s some seriously crazy shit

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