I'm not googling anything right now. If I do that while connected to Reddit, then Jason (that's what I call him) will access my chrome, do a forced install, etc. To be quite honest, I'm pretty much sick of all sic of mentally ill trolls, sick of scam artists, sick of lying bitches, sick of people who pretend to be human. I've ditched all smart devices and all Bluetooth or internet capable, wifi capable devices except this stupid phone and my TV which I got frustrated with people trying to force connect to so I gave up. I unplugged it. Unplugged its connections and draped a decorative drop cloth over it. Even if I don't die of covid I fully intend to ditch this phone in the coming months too. I'm sick of virtual connections, assholes putting spyware on my phone and yes, that has been done. For what purposes other than to destroy a human I couldn't tell you.

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