Thor: Love And Thunder International Release Discussion Thread

Overall I enjoyed it, not quite as much as DS2 and NWH, but it's a good entry. Especially considering this phase is still in its diapers. One thing I'm a bit tired of is dumb Thor. Infinity War had the right mix imo. I also didn't enjoy the constant battering of jokes. Jane's got cancer, Thor's dealing with crippling amounts of loss and the pain of falling in love and losing her yet again, Gorr is butchering Gods, Gods themselves are losing their way, Asgard's future was kidnapped and held hostage... It's not that I want the movie to be all doom and gloom, I just think there's a limit and Taika went cartwheeling past it. Gorr should be genuinely scary. He captured my attention in every scene, but not two minutes later some gag will occur and that built tension will be broken by a new scene's 2 or 3 jokes. When he was on screen the dread was there, but it wasn't allowed to build, thus to me it felt like not much was really at stake? Idk it's hard to place that. Just too much of that marvel comedy. Might be why the Grandmaster scenes got cut. Too much dilution. Other than that I thought it was fine. I like the cameos. I was kinda shocked to see Eternity, the MCU has come a long way. Also Jane in Valhalla :') Also holy Gods did she hit the gym for this one... Straight up boulder shoulders. Good for her. "Love" is gonna be a big player by the time Secret Wars is out imo. It looks like she's basically gonna be Captain Universe right? Super neat.

Overall 7.7/10 the amount of jokes really held this one back from a top tier score for me. Trim some of the fat off and maybe reintroduce some stuff from that 4 hour cut and I think it could have been a solid tier higher.

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