Thorns In My Side (Part 2)

(OOC: I am happy to proudly present... THE FINAL VERDICT!) Valarr hated this. He hated every waking moment of this trial. The very idea of it pissed him off. My fucking my queen, and one attempting to capture her. Valarr could do nothing but cringe when Leo talked. His anger caused his words to be twisted and gnarled in his head. Though he had a point, Valarr could not deny that.He looked around the room. The Goldwyne still shivering at the podium with his head down and eyes up.

Valarr let out a quiet groan and looked to the other judges, “Well my lords it seems we must reach a decision.” He said it not attempting to hide the annoyance in his voice. He stood up and strode down the steps urging his fellow judges to follow him. The men and women of the court seemed to linger on his every action. He opened the doors exiting the court and made his way to the small council room. He took his seat at the edge of the table and looked as his small council members took their seats.

Valarr spoke with authority and a hint of uncertainty,”My lords, We have reached a crossroads.” He paused,” Let us not dally… They are both guilty, and we must make an example of their houses. Teach the lords not to defy the crown.” He leaned back in his seat.

“Both guilty?” Valarr’s glance made its way to the Master of Ships. The Redwyne’s usually jovial face was unusually uncertain. “Pardon me, Your Grace. But I do not see what Alester has done wrong, ha! I am casting my lots towards Leo being guilty.”

Valarr looked to Stafford and gave him a puzzled look. "No matter which way you look at it, the death of Loras Hightower does seem to be naught a coincidence. The man, if not guilty of adultery or treason, is still guilty of murder." He said with utmost certainty.

“I do not think he would kill Loras Hightower,” Stafford responded certainly. “I have known him my whole life, trust me on this Your Grace, I am to be your advisor of course.”

Seriously...what the fuck

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