5.1 Patch Bugs Megathread

Hey Reddit Posted this to the OCE boards for some feedback, but ill chuck it here to see if anyone else has any views on Rek'Sai, Tunnel, and CC. Was playing a mid Lissandra vs their Rek'Sai Jungle. During a fight, I used Ring of Frost (W) while Rek'Sai was tunnelling away. She was on my left and tunnelled past me through to my right. She already started the animation for her ability as i W'd, and it hit her because i saw the ice animation around her. But she continued to burrow away, and when she came out the other side (with the ice animation still on her) she jumped out of the tunnel and continued away. This happened twice in this game. Even with my slow from Ice Shard didn't seem to affect Rek'Sai's ability to (in this case) exit the fight through opening a tunnel and going through it. I don't know. Is there something wrong there? I mean, at no point was Rek'Sai rooted even coming out of the tunnel, and the description of Ring of Frost is to root enemies for a short time. Going through a tunnel, Rek'Sai wasn't slowed (to my eyes anyway, i could be wrong). So whats the point of using Liss for some CC when it doesn't work on Rek'Sai. I would have thought that Rek'Sai's tunnel would have just been shortened and had to pop out because she is supposed to be rooted. Or she is just rooted where she is, mid tunnel burrow. The description of Tunnel doesn't state anything about CC, so this is why i am questioning what is happening here. If i was to Entomb onto a Rek'Sai JUST as her animation for Tunnel started, using this logic, Rek'Sai would continue to Tunnel away and jump out at the end and move on. I haven't been able to try this as i play LoL alone and have no friends lol. Im also not going to say if I won or lost, because it isn't important. Im not salty, nor am I being picky for more kills. I just saw something that I personally didn't think was right. Any feedback is appreciated - even if its to teach this nub something about the game haha. Thanks all

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