TIC...Husband’s family refuses to get vaccinated

Just a different perspective here: If it makes you feel any better, I don’t have the flu vaccine, nor does anyone in my family and nobody has gotten the flu in over six years (my mom is a first grade teacher and she hasn’t gotten it either). Not having the flu vaccine is not going to automatically give someone the flu. Last year, they totally missed the strain that was going around and most people got the flu anyway. I think it’s pretty hard to force people to get vaccinated, it’s their choice. For all you know they could lie and say they got vaccinated when they really haven’t as you can’t force someone to show you their medical records. That being said, you can set boundaries as to who holds the baby, or is in contact with the baby. Obviously make sure nobody is touching baby’s hands or kissing the baby. I’ve been VERY careful with my baby and haven’t really taken him out in public places during the cold and flu season, and baby isn’t going to daycare. You might also realize that people aren’t actually going visit as often as you think they will. I thought I would have tons of visitors, but I haven’t. My mom has visited a few times but that’s about it- and she lives ten minutes away from me.

P.S. Also, hand sanitizer doesn’t kill the flu virus- soap and water does.

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