TIFU by losing my faith over a poem.

Hey OP, I know that life can be hard, but God does have a plan. He’s perfect. Even the tears you suffer will bring you somewhere. My father died in 9/11 in the basement of the North Tower, and I could tell you where I am today. I questioned God and had many dark times… I even slit my throat with two knives, nearly died, after losing a gallon plus of blood, and finally seeing God and calling for the ambulance to take me in. He saved my life, and he can heal you just the same. My advice is not to question God’s love for you, or your daughter, but to realize that if there were dark forces, they’d like to separate you from everyone else, put you in solitude, a state of hate. Find your inner peace and stand on solid ground in the presence of the God you’re questioning, and I promise you he will show you that there is a reason. I promise.

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