TIFU by leaving the house after I caught my wife flirting with a coworker on the phone

I was the alcoholic in this relationship… well sorta. Basically just lied about my drinking, and it was allllll the time. Went to rehab a couple times and am almost two years sober. My near last drink she sent me off and kicked me out and that was that. My life hasn’t recovered really but I guess I’m not drunk all the time lol. She made the right choice even if I’m still bitter. She found out real early and decided to stick it out, then the lies were too much for her and bailed, wishing me well at least. I’m only frustrated because I feel I would have walked through fire for as long as she needed if the roles were reversed. Why would she believe me though even if that basically ended up being the last time? :/ I’m supposed to say “so far” or “yet” after absolutes lol

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