TIFU by eating Hot Sauce called BUTTHOLE DESTROYER

I once went to this restaurant, that had this offer for one of their meals. If you manage to eat the whole plate clean, the meal is free, and they hang a picture of you on the wall. The meal consisted of steak, Naga morich sauce, with a side of Carolina reapers, and some other stuff, all basically made as hot as possible. You were not allowed to drink milk or eat bread during the challenge, thou both were provided with the meal, just incase you wish to give up.

You had to sign a waiver before eating, so the restaurant isn't responsible for any medical complications that may arise from eating said meal.

There was only one picture on the wall.

I did not partake, but my friend did. He didn't even get half way through, before he was laying on the ground, crying, drinking milk through a straw so he didn't need to get up.

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