TIFU finding out the elevator thing is real!

I live near an area that got absolutely demolished by wildfires in 2020. There was a big section that was a complete inferno for months and they were evacuating towns nearby it, because the danger was so high. That area also happened to contain part of the Pacific Crest Trail and some other popular hikes.

There were signs everywhere saying that if you crossed the gate and went into the fire area, nobody was coming to rescue you. That they would not plan on even trying to locate your body until the fire was out, which could take months.

That particular fire killed 8-9 people, iirc.

And still, sooooo many hikers posting on local groups whining and complaining that “hikers are being treated like second class citizens!” And “you can’t take away our right to enjoy the forest!”

Nobody’s taking away their rights. If you want to burn to death, go for it. But you don’t get to be that stupid and then demand other people risk their lives over your dumb decisions.

It’s a good practice to make people pay for their own rescue if it was caused by dumb antics. Some folks have to learn the hard way.

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