TIL Department of Justice (DOJ) officials pressured the Dayton Police Department to lower testing standards because not enough African American candidates passed the written exam.

Where? The compromise was to lower the standard from 66 and 72 to 58 and 63 for the two tests.

And pay $450,000.


Spelling words correctly and simple logic tests are in no way racist.

So there are no words that are more likely to be correctly spelled by minorities groups? "Feng Shui", "adious", attache"...

You have failed to put forth an argument on how any question was racist that didn't imply blacks were less able to spell or perform simple logical analysis.

Several times I have stated it. Schools do not usually have these words, most especially "marijuana". Given that police are of below average intelligence as a profession, that indicates those most likely to get it correct are being coached. It is exceedingly unlikely that coaching is being made equally available across racial lines. Further, the words could be being chosen, either intentionally or otherwise, for the ability to be correctly answered along racial lines.

The DOJ never even claimed the test was biased,

The United States’ complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio in September 2008, alleges that Dayton’s use of an internally created written examination for screening entry-level police officer applicants..., resulted in disparate impact on African-Americans.

Seems to pretty clearly say that the test is biased against African-Americans.

Racism does exist. I never claimed otherwise. But this is what racists like you always fall back on. Get your dishonesty and stupidity pointed out, and you pretend somebody is saying there is no racism.

It exists, but only in ways other than those clearly demonstrated? Is it racist that a disproportionate number of blacks are arrested? Is it racist that a disproportionate number of whites are hired as police officers? Is it racist that a disproportionate number of actors are white? Is it racist that a disproportionate number of NBA players are black?

If your answer is different for any of those, you need to look up what "racist" means.

The only facts here are that the pool of black candidates did worse then the pool of white candidates.

Which, by definition, is racist.

No other evidence or rational argument has been made about racal disparity. By that same metric a 100yd dash is racially biased.

Exactly! Now that it has been demonstrated to be racist, there is no further need to argue about whether it is. Rather than denying simple basic facts, any intelligent rational person would then move to discussing how to correct the inequality.

Says the dumb fuck who argued being able to correctly spell marijuana, and perform simple logical tests is racially biased.

Do you have statistics on the ability to spell "marijuana"? Please provide a source that people are equally capable of correctly spelling it with no correlation to race.

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