TIL about Nasubi from Japan's (perhaps the entire world's) most controversial TV show ever recorded. Nasubi lived alone in a tiny room for 15 months completely naked and only able to survive based on items he won from sweepstakes. More info in comments.

Video: https://youtu.be/k_o8v88nkKc

Nasubi volunteered to be part of a game show wherein he had to live alone naked in a small 10 × 10 room with zero access to the outside world. He was not provided food or any necessities and was forced to try and win prizes from magazines. He almost starved to death and went from about 140lbs down to less than 90 lbs, because he didn't win any prizes (food) for almost a month.

This is an extremely chilling story of what people will do for fame.

Furthermore, the original contest only called for Nasubi to live in the room for 12 months; however, the show was such an insane success that the creators kept moving the target. Ultimately, he stayed 15 months. Alone.

At the season & series finally, the 4 walls of his room fell down revealing Nasubi in front a live audience of 500+ people, but being live on TV. The look on his face after 15 months of solitary confinement only to be confronted immediately, and naked mind you, by a cheering crowd is chilling. He looks terrified, confused, and very disassociated. There is so much more detail and really fucked up shit that went on. I encourage you all to read the Wikipedia and watch the video below.

The show was called, "Susunu! Denpa Shōnen"


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