TIL that the parasite H. zschokkei is the only multicellular organism that does not rely on Oxygen for respiration. It relies on a currently undiscovered energy metabolism to sustain itself.

A company I used to work was big on acronyms for parts. Everything had one. It was the general rule that any assembled in the factory items use an acronym as a name.

Well, they wanted me to design up some portable test stations. It needed to be mobile, easily serviceable and build as much off the shelf parts a possible. Ok, no problem.

The station had batteries as well as one of the big DC power supplies we had. I needed to merge them together then route them to the rest of the station. I made a box that had locking sliders with a terminal hub and some contactors to switch between the batteries, the power supply or run both. I called it the Battery Terminal Interface Connection Hub Box.

When I put the Bill of Materials in, they made me change it for some reason...

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