TIL by passing a law requiring pharmacies to be owned by a licensed pharmacist, North Dakota has essentially done away with corporate chain pharmacies. Corporations that own pharmacies must be majority owned by licensed pharmacists.

I understand your job sucks but to take the stance that it's unreasonable to expect a business to answer the phone for customers is ridiculous.

It's unreasonable to expect something that is impossible. I have hundreds of scripts to fill. That process alone can be more involved than people realize. An immunization appointment is every 10 minutes with walk-ins in between. There is a never ending line of people in store. I am legally obligated to counsel any prescription. I am also obligated to talk to anyone who walks in off the street and wants my help. I'm calling and receiving calls from doctors and other pharmacies. I'm calling patients and insurance companies to resolve issues. The phone never stops ringing.

All of these are happening simultaneously, and each person that wants my attention is mad that it's being given to someone else. It is physically impossible to pick up the phone much of the time without stopping other critical functions of the pharmacy. It's not about the job sucking, it is about what is physically possible.

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