TIL that the low cost wine brand "Two Buck Chuck" was created by Fred Franzia, who bought the Charles Shaw name from a bankrupt winery for $27k. Once when asked why his wine was cheaper than water, he replied "They're overcharging for the water. Don't you get it?"

I mean, that's kinda true for any wine that's not like $50 and up. Nearly everything below that price tastes the same.

Ehh, it varies... some are categorically worse than other as far as yeasty flavors, and leftover sugars go, some brands having super high sulfate levels that cause problems for people with sensitivities... or crap like bad bottling practices and wine oxidizing. Really bad cheap wine being really bad cheap wine and all. Which is something one should not confuse as a "all of the same below $ price" when describing most common lower to mid price tier table wines. Not that its possible to say what brand the shit is from let alone vintage, but there are definite differences qualitatively that matter on the spectrum on top of broader personal preferences.

Some are good, others are bad, and if you go with the cheap stuff you might get served on an airplane, of a casual dining restaurant you are probably going to be fine. Thus we get that whole scenario of "professional" wine tasters giving high marks to generic industrially processed tablewine and all.

Also, some of the $20-30 heavy reds like Chianti's if you leave them on a shelf do improve over time in as far as the tannins mellowing out goes. But again that's a personal preference on mouth feel of the wine, and not a critical point of distinction.

Kind of like comparing cheap vodka... some shit tier one like Nokolai is way worse than other similar shit tier priced ones. But then you have the outliers like Kirkland vodka that punches way above its price class over all. However if you do a lineup of a shitload of vodka brands there is no way to tell them apart other than to say that some of them sure as fuck have plasticizer, turpentine, and benzene overtones to them.(the Nikolai, and a few others)

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