TIL Thomas(ine) Hall was declared both a man and a woman in a Virginia court in 1629 and ordered to wear men's clothing with a woman's apron and bonnet. He/She would present as either gender carnally and when working as soldier, lacemaker, field laborer, or maid. Thomasine was physically intersex.

Your trans-exclusionary concern trolling falls apart at the slightest scrutiny.

You were doing great until that statement. Up until that point, you were providing enlightening information. You have me labeled incorrectly. We can both agree that women's sports exist to have a climate where women are competing on their own field. I don't know how to not encroach on that field. Having an open and accepted trans community is new to most people. It brings about questions which never came up (at least not in as much of a meaningful way), and protecting their rights doesn't mean ignoring the rights of others. I don't know the right way to handle the balance of those rights, and thus the reason for this discussion. I don't expect that a conclusion will be reached that will solve every concern, but the discussion is important, Thank you for contributing to that discussion.

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