TIL Some of the reasons people drive aggressively include a sense of anonymity while driving, feeling more empowered driving than in the rest of their lives, and a feeling that other drivers have previously driven aggressively around them.

We have a few stupid intersections around here with lane splits that just feed right back into one lane after the light. They're probably intended as turning lanes and just never got properly signed. 95% of people realize this and use them accordingly, lining up in one single lane. The other 5% use them to try to race the entire line of traffic.

There's also another one on my ride to work that's 2 sets of lights in a row. First set is 2 lanes, second is 3 lanes, with the two to the left turning left. Since the right lane doesn't get used as much, people will try to start in the right lane at the first set of lights just so they can cut everyone off and take the left. Bonus points if they're trying to get into the far left lane.

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