Tourist fans > loyal fans, it's that easy

Allot of the revelations we've been facing over the last few days haven't occured in a vacuum, this has been known for years now, do you honestly think if the fans mattered AFC would charge one of highest ticket prices on the planet for what has been a decade of mediocrity and underachievment, and still garner the second highest attendance in the country?

This is whaling at a sports level, don't be surprised if and when the ESL goes through to see a North London Derby hosted at SoFi Stadium.

[“What did I learn specifically [from England]? You learn very quickly what that brand means,” said Kroenke.

“We have a gentleman who comes to Arsenal games, he flies his helicopter from South Africa, Cape Town to London quite often. It’s just an example of what a brand can mean, and what we can do in sports.


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