Tricks to Get Over the Hurt?

After I filed divorce and kicked my husband out, I thought I would feel heartbroken. I did, but I also felt an overwhelming amount of relief. I wasn’t stuck on that roller coaster anymore. All that BS wasn’t my responsibility anymore.

He wasn’t going to change, and nothing I did was going to change him. I needed to take care of me, and get back some control of my own life. The first night he was gone, I had such peaceful sleep. I didn’t wake up sick to my stomach with worry. I didn’t sit through work, knowing at home waiting for me, was the inevitable argument and gas lighting.

It wasn’t until he was gone that I realized how chaotic his addiction had made my life. Having that calm and predictability back was amazing.

Focus on yourself, your business, and your kids. These are the reasons you made your boundaries. Remind yourself you are worthy of love and respect.

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