Tunisian Police is still brutal (Tunis Town Center)

I swear to god, if you throw a chair at a cop in the US you will end up dead 90% of the time. people here in the US are getting killed by cops for traffic stops, or even a wellness check ( where the cop go to check on someone who's not violent/didn't commit a crime yet ). so please where's this police brutality ? that guy just hit them with a flying chair and they didn't even point their guns at him. That's not police brutality. do you really expect the cop to be insulted and hit and not do anything ? are the cops the problems ? or is it those protestors who didn't even care about the public belongings, destroying everything and insulting everyone. sometimes I whish we could have the US police in Tunisia , just for one day they will get rid of all these fcks with a real police brutality then we might move forward

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